Announcing The New RFT Music



Welcome to RFT Music. You may have noticed a bit of a facelift taking place on this blog in the past couple of days -- we're relaunching the section with a new banner, a new name and a renewed vigor for actively covering and engaging the St. Louis music community.

This blog has long been home to some great writing and exciting news; one of the things we hope to accomplish in the coming months is further integrating our print and online coverage into one entity. We already publish some of our best blog stories in print and further contextualize our print stories with streaming music, videos and additional information on the blog. We'll be doing more of that going forward.

Those of you who attended Saturday's RFT Music party already heard about these changes -- and we'll be doing more of those sorts of events in the future. The shows we put our name on will be wide-ranging -- if you are a venue or band interested in getting involved, please don't hesitate to email me at kiernan.maletsky AT or call me at (314) 754-6403.

You can expect to see some new features and a few slightly different approaches to coverage in the coming weeks, but by and large our commitments remain unchanged: exploring the ways music is created and heard in our city and sparking discussion among music fans.