Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra Will Be Playing The RFT Music Party



We saved the best surprise for first: Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra will be kicking off our upcoming shindig at Off Broadway. The Rats and People (more people than rats, to be honest) will be performing their score of Buster Keaton's The High Sign, and they will be playing at 8:30 sharp. Their show is among the more unique and amazing experiences in St. Louis music, so we strongly recommend punctuality.

The rest of the lineup, you may recall, is Ra Cailum, Bruiser Queen and Kentucky Knife Fight. Tickets are $6, and you can buy them now if you'd like.

That's the complete lineup, and the rest of what we've got in store can wait until the 13th. That poster you see above gets bigger if you click on it -- all the most important information can be found therein. We hope to see you there.