"It Wasn't Just A Store. It Was A Community" -- Readers Pay Their Respects



On Monday, we wrote about Drum Headquarters, which recently closed its doors after over thirty years of business. A few of you shared your own experiences with the store -- Julian Eubanks' gave a particularly impassioned eulogy:

I no longer live in St. Louis, but Drum Headquarters will be sorely missed. When I moved to St. Louis, a place that was home for 10 years, it was a God-send to have a store completely devoted to drums. I didn't have to walk through isles of guitars to get to the good stuff. Nuthin' but drums. Forget Iowa, that's Heaven! I have SO many stories about my relationship with Headquarters and the fine staff therein. I wouldn't know where to start. It wasn't just a store. It was a community. You walk in and they know who you are. You can talk shop, and equipment, and opinions on gear and life. It's a shame. Stupid economy! I have several prized possessions from that place that are even more precious to me now. R.I.P., Drum Headquarters. Thanks for the memories.

Sad news indeed.