New Nato Caliph video: "Prophecy"



Nato Caliph has been a busy boy this summer, dropping music videos like it's coming back in style. Here's a new one from Caliph, his goose-pimple inducing track "Prophecy." There's no fetishistic bling talk, or mention of chickenheads in the club; instead Caliph wades through the political zeitgeist--the song originally appeared on his 2009 EP Power, but his message is as painfully pertinent today as it was two years ago.

Which is probably why he released it again on last year's Cipher. Directed by Mr. Blair and Loose Screwz at Civil Ape, Caliph once again takes time to spotlight his adorable family while prognosticating the culture of obedience: "Instead of man and woman/It's man and sheep--the new spouses." The future may be dark, but Caliph is pretty sure music can save us.

Prophecy - Nato Caliph from Nato Caliph on Vimeo.