STL Loud Volume Two: Release Party and Artwork Set



STL Loud Volume Two is coming. The brainchild of Ryan Albritton, the series gives bands a chance at some studio time at R&R Music Music Labs in Dogtown, which Albritton co-owns. The resulting tracks are released as a compilation. The first installment, released in January, was heavy on folk/singer-songwriter types, but it was always Albritton's goal to use this series as a way of bringing together disparate acts. This second volume, which will be realsed on June 25th at the Firebird, does just that, featuring previously unreleased tracks by Pretty Little Empire, Throw Pillows, Illphonics, Last to Show First to Go and My Molly.

The release show will feature all five acts, and the $10 cost of admission includes a copy of the new compilation. Each band will play for 30 minutes. The artwork you see above came out today; it was designed by Annie McCance.