The Beatle Bob iPhone App: A Test Drive



Beatle Bob, self proclaimed World's Most Obsessive Music Fan and dance move connoisseur, has just released an iPhone app. So you can take him to every concert you go to (in your pocket) in case he wasn't there already. The app, which was developed by, is meant as a sort of music guide, with show recommendations, reviews, interviews, giveaways, etc.

The current version (which we admit is brand new) delivers on at least half that stuff, which is definitely better than none of it. How do we know? Because we bought the thing.

The concert listings include all fifty states, with submenu breakdowns by city. There's not a ton on there yet, but the landing page is pretty cool:


As for the reviews: there are three of them, all from the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, apparently all from his 5,000th consecutive concert bash last fall. They look roughly like this:


Or this:


In case you cannot read white, boldfaced font on neon-gradient background, here's the text of the review(s):

Those earth-shaking rockabilly rebels featured a stunning array of hallowed, guitar slinging heroes. From the paint-blistering guitar sounds of Link Wray to the reverbed swamped work of Al Casey, They spolighted wall-to-wall rawboned instrumentals and ripe-tide vocals of some the forgotten heroes of rock & roll. However their originals are just as devestating and take a back seat to no one. (Sic, obviously)

That's pretty much the extent of it at this point. But hey: all this can be yours for only $1.99! It's a steal!