Nashville's Amelia White: Considerably More Neil Young than Taylor Swift


  • courtesy of the artist

Amelia White, who will be playing at Off Broadway with Sam Knutson on Sunday, is an enveloping singer and a prolific songwriter (she runs her own small song publishing company and has co-written for artists like Tony Furtado, Anne McCue, Molly Thomas, Stephanie Schneiderman, and Tom Kimmel). And she brings up the Neil Young/Taylor Swift thing as more of an art/commerce ideological split than anything else, and in that way, she says, "I consider myself more in the Neil Young camp, and then there's the Taylor Swift camp." And then she laughs. Listen to the title track from her most recent album, Motorcycle Dream, below.

Motorcycle Dream by Amelia White

This will not be White's first stop at Off Broadway. "I love that venue. I feel like Steve [Pohlman, owner] has just been really supportive," she says. "When you tour a lot, you can just tell right away when you walk into a venue where they care. And the owner just listens to your set and says, 'Oh my gosh I love that fourth song.' I just think they care about the music."

White's next album, Beautiful and Wild, won't be out until early 2012, but it is very much in the works right now. Marco Giovino, who plays drums with Robert Plant, is producing the album -- he's been playing with White for ten years. He's attracted an impressive collection of guest artists for Wild, including A.J. Croce and the McCrary sisters.

The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $10-13.