Osama Bin Laden: Local Rapper Jonezy Wants Us to Take A "Proper Gander" at the Propaganda



The announcement came last night: Osama Bin Laden is dead. St. Louis rapper Jonezy dropped us a line this morning because he has something to say about this; his song "Proper Gander" is a call for critical thought. "I think Bin Laden's death is being hyped in an aim to provide relief to the masses," he says. "It's really just the 'hype machine' swinging it's pendulum to the other extreme." Listen below.

Proper Gander ft. Less by Jonezy

"Where before it was scare tactics and fear with 9/11, now we're supposed cuddle up and feel good because we caught the perceived 'bad guy'," says Jonezy. "The manipulation is so successful because it is reinforced on every channel, and those who really question it are simply dismissed or not given equal air-time."

The song, which appears on his recently released full-length Co$tombs, is being offered now as a free download in response to this news. "Proper Gander is relevant because it is a cautionary tale that tells you: Don't believe the hype! This holds true forever...MLK, JFK, Vietnam, the first Bush, and long before. We, the masses, have been getting mind-fucked."