Hip-Hop Artists Disinvited from Wash U. Event: Video



Undergrads at Wash U. have organized an event called Universal Beatz, with the stated aim of "cross-cultural exchange, dialogue, and collaboration through the artistic medium of hip hop." The organizers drew fire for their choice of performers; in response, several artists were disinvited from the event. Our sister, blog, The Daily RFT, has the full story. So what, exactly, are Universal Beatz attendees missing out on?

Marvin Casey, a St. Louis native who now lives in Israel, is a choreographer for dance troupe Tribe 13. Here he is breaking down some moves for the Ludacris song "My Chick Bad"

Casey was the only Israeli artist disinvited from the event. Two Palestinian rappers, Sharif The Truth and Shadi 'BirD' Abdelaziz, also got the boot. Their work is considerably more political, as you can see in this video for Sharif's song "Immune to Pain."

The planned discussions during this week's event might have proven fruitful, or they might have devolved into shouting matches and ugly protests. Instead, they will likely proceed without incident, and you'll have to just imagine how that "My Chick Bad" dance looks at full speed.