When Parents Text ... About Music


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(h/t to Chrissy Wilmes for linking this.) Every so often, a gimmicky Internet site crops up that's legitimately hilarious. Such as When Parents Text, whose tagline is, "small keypads, old hands." The premise is simple: The site collects hilarious text missives from parents about, oh, anything you can think of. The simplicity of the idea is genius, however -- after all, parents are the funniest text-messengers around. (A to Z's dad is always keeping tabs on the weather in St. Louis and letting her know when the Weather Channel is broadcasting from there.)

Of course, the occasions when parents discuss popular music are also often unintentionally hilarious -- especially when done by text. Here are a few examples from the site.


MOM: How do you pronounce Ke$ha? Like Key"dollar sign"haa.
MOM: Or is it Key"dolla sign"haa, bc that's more hip? Call me and tell me!

Remember When: Furbies

DAD: Thought black I peas were good! That furbie chick is hot


DAD: Well. It probably is an infection. If you have no fever, no big tender lumps on the side of your neck, but do have nasal drainage, them it is probably a viral infection and you just treat the symptoms. On a different subject. Why cant i stop listening to cold play?
ME: Ummm i don't know!
DAD: Is your snot yellow? Cold play reference!

Autocorrect Woes

DAD: whenever i try to type "rapper" it comes up with rapscallion. huh.