Someone in St. Louis Bought Elton John's Record Collection. Who Was It?



Elton John is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone. Haven't had a chance to read the whole article yet, but so far it reads great -- the performing legend talks about playing piano at Rush Limbaugh's wedding, about encouraging Billy Joel to write music again and of course, fatherhood.

One part of the piece stood out, however. Writer Austin Scaggs started talking to John about his love of record collecting:

You diary also says you used to hang out "all day" at Musicland, your local record shop. What were you doing there all day?
I used to hang out all day. Even when I became Elton John, I used to go there. Give me a record store and I'm in hog heaven. I was so interested in what people were buying. I'll tell you, the biggest seller was the Soft Machine record, on import, because everyone wanted the American cardboard. It was more durable.

And then, a bombshell:

Where are your records now?
I sold them. Right before I got sober, in 1989, I was just starting the Elton John AIDS Foundation. To raise money, I sold them for $250,000 to somebody in St. Louis. I really regret it now.

What? Well, that was unexpected -- and curiosity-piquing! Has anyone here heard this story before , or does anyone know who bought them? Drop me a line or comment below.