Lure Nightclub -- a.k.a. Amnesia -- Again Loses Its Liquor License


Lure. Or is it Amnesia?
  • Lure. Or is it Amnesia?
Yesterday, St. Louis Municipal Judge Margaret Walsh once again stripped the liquor license for the nightclub operating out of 1204 Washington Avenue. Back in September, Walsh first revoked the liquor license for the nightclub -- then operating under the name "Lure" --  following complaints of violence and other disturbances at the club.

That initial ruling remains under appeal, and in December the owners of Lure reopened the club as Amnesia. That same month Walsh heard complaints from neighbors who submitted a petition calling for the nightclub's closure. 
As the Post-Dispatch reported yesterday, Walsh found that the petition had enough valid signatures to suspend Lure/Amnesia's liquor license. The daily also reports that the owners of the nightclub -- the Trupiano family -- is looking to sell the business.