Def Leppard Tribute Band Seeks One-Armed Drummer



Tribute bands are serious business. The moves, the fashion, the vocal tics, the hair -- for a tribute band, these elements must all be in place if it wants to become successful. Authenticity is so prized, in fact, that a Dallas-area Def Leppard tribute band is allegedly looking for a one-armed drummer. (Def Lep's actual drummer, Rick Allen, lost his left arm in a car accident.) See the ad below.


Now, Blind Eyes drummer Matt Picker found a Craigslist ad from Charlotte, North Carolina, seeking the same thing, using similar wording; an ad from the Dallas-based Pyromania on Pittsburgh's Craigslist was flagged for removal. (A to Z suspects it's the same band, attempting to cast a wider net.) We're wondering if the LA-based Def Lep tribute band called Pyromania has heard of these Texans -- or if the band in Dallas called Hysteria is aware of the Craigslist advertisers. More important, we're wondering if this is actually legit. Anybody? (H/T to Scott Lasser for finding this gem)