The Dumbest Craigslist Musician Ads on Earth: Now Combined in One Handy Blog



In the past, A to Z has pointed you to some of the dumbest/funniest/strangest St. Louis Craigslist musician ads. Many of them were passed along to us by one Matt Picker, drummer for the Blind Eyes. To keep up with the large number of amazing/ridiculous Craigslist posts he was coming across, Picker recently started a blog, "Looking for Serious Basis" [sic]. The site collects and compiles the most hilarious, offensive (or just plain awesome) Craigslist musician posts he's encountered. Take, for example, this one: "BUCKCHERRY / LYNYRD SKYNYRD hybrid band (pussies need not apply)":

(Click to enlarge)

Trust us, there's more where that came from over at the blog itself.