Phaseone Releases a New Single in December on Lefse Records



On December 14, Phaseone is releasing a new single, "Being With You" b/w "Right & Wrong," on cassette and CD. The single is a part of Lefse Records' Way Slow series, a limited-edition run of releases. Phaseone's particular contribution is two covers.

"'Being With You' is by Soul For Real, they had a few gold-selling albums I think in the '90s, but were never huge," he says. "'Being With You' wasn't released as a single but is a dope song that I've always loved. All I listened to in high school was R&B pretty much. So I wanted to 'cover' two R&B songs, since the Way Slow series is a cassette thing, it just reminded me of buying Boyz II Men cassettes and shit like that."

Phaseone is mum about the original artist of the b-side, "Right & Wrong." (A to Z's guess is that it's Keith Sweat's "Right and a Wrong Way.")

"[It] is also a cover, it's also slow like "Being With You" but it's a little darker," he says.

Lefse Records has released music from many well-regarded, up-and-coming artists, including Neon Indian, the Delta Mirror, School of Seven Bells and Active Child. However, "Being With You" is a one-off release.

"Way Slow is a joint series between Lefse records and Dexter Tortoriello from Chicago, and I know them so I agreed to this one-off release," Phaseone says. "I didn't sign to [Lefse] and I don't plan on doing anything else with them. I'm gonna start working on an album very soon, and I'm still deliberating with that record label, so we haven't announced anything yet."

You can download "Being With You" at Pitchfork, XLR8R and Phaseone's Tumblr, and pre-order the single at Lefse Records.

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