What What? Samwell and Jon Hamm Duke It Out On YouTube



Of course you remember Samwell. How could you not remember Samwell? The Chicago flight attendant starred in the 2007 YouTube sensation "What What (In the Butt)" -- a video in which he coyly sings, "You want to do it in my butt?"

Hey! Don Draper! Want to do it in his butt?
  • Hey! Don Draper! Want to do it in his butt?
That video was produced by "Giorgio," who, in non-YouTube life, was a St. Louis-based flight attendant. (Real name: Mike Stasny.) The RFT talked to Stasny/Georgio for this 2007 Q-and-A. And lo and behold -- Stasny is part of this year's A Very Bert Dax Christmas compilation.

Now Giorgio's video is finding new life on the Internets -- and, go figure, there's another St. Louis angle.

We told you earlier this week about the video someone made of Local-Boy-Made-Good Jon Hamm saying "What? What?" ten zillion different times on Mad Men.

Now, a clever producer has mashed up "What What (In The Butt)" with Hamm's "What What"? -- a combination that's so bizarre, it actually makes sense.

Seriously, the Draper/Samwell mashup is either the stupidest thing we've ever seen -- or the most brilliant. Perhaps one YouTube commenter says it best: "Everyone go home; the internet is over. Nothing left to see."

With 76,000 views and counting, we hereby present "Don Draper v. Samwell: What What in the Butt."