Tomorrow! Black Heart Procession Doing a Vintage Vinyl In-Store [Update -- Not Anymore]



[Update, 6:50 p.m.: VV says that this in-store has been canceled. Thanks to commenter Dan for the heads-up.]

Tomorrow night, music fans have another hard choice: Sigur Ros front man Jonsi is performing at the Pageant, along with surreal-folk openers Mountain Man, while the Books and Black Heart Procession are playing at the Old Rock House. Tickets are still available for each. If you've opted for the former, but are crushed at missing BHP, fear not: The San Diego band is doing an in-store performance at Vintage Vinyl at 4 p.m. The ornate, macabre band rarely comes to St. Louis, and its gothic cabaret tunes are deliciously melancholic. In his preview, Roy Kasten says, "Nick Cave sounds like Debbie Gibson by comparison" to BHP. Good enough for me.

BHP, "A Cry for Love"