Bruce Springsteen Photobombs An Engagement Shoot


Those damn buskers just think they can go anywhere, can't they? - BLOGNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN VIA BACKSTREETS

(Via Blogness on the Edge of Town) Picture this: You and your beloved are getting engagement photos taken, on a picturesque Jersey beach. The light is right, the weather is balmy -- and then a barefoot Bruce Springsteen shows up, grabs your guitar and starts playing a song in your honor. In other words, the Boss totally photobombed your betrothal shots. That's just what happened to a Jersey couple, who look a little dumbfounded -- but rather happy -- that Springsteen took part in its pre-wedding photo ritual. More pictures at that link. NOTE: The photographer responsible for this photo -- and the rest of the shoot -- is named Kella Macphee.

UPDATE, September 23, 1:30 p.m. In an interview, photographer Macphee tells us how this crazy experience came about.