Matthew Sweet Wants You to Buy Some Cat Sculptures



(H/T to @erinsometimes for the heads up about this.) Matthew Sweet is a lot of things -- rocker, Susanna Hoffs collaborator, sometimes-actor. He's also starting to sell his ceramic creations online, judging by an Etsy account for Lolina Art Pottery he linked from his own Twitter page. As he puts it, ee cummings-style, as an introduction:

"handmade ceramics by matthew sweet
wheel-thrown porcelain and stoneware vessels
cat sculptures
miniature porcelain vessels and cats
custom 1890s-style glazes
low fire, hi fire and raku
all handmade with loving care"

Hey, someone should get one of these for Best Coast when the band's in town next week. Anyway, view the rest of Sweet's wares for sale right here. First person to make an Altered Beast reference wins.