Jamie Lidell Funks Up the Old Rock House, Thursday, September 9



Last night, Jamie Lidell induced bootyshaking at the Old Rock House, thanks to his mix of funk, soul and electro. Photographer Jason Stoff was there and snapped the following photos; an entire slideshow will be up tomorrow is up now. Thanks to a nasty, huge deadline, I was chained to my laptop and couldn't review the show. (Boo.) Make me jealous: How was it? What did Lidell play? What was your favorite part? Am I going to regret missing this show in the same way I regret skipping Bob Mould at Mississippi Nights a few years ago?

Jamie Lidell at the Old Rock House - JASON STOFF
  • Jason Stoff
  • Jamie Lidell at the Old Rock House

View an entire slideshow of photos of Jamie Lidell's Old Rock House appearance

More Lidell. - JASON STOFF
  • Jason Stoff
  • More Lidell.
  • Jason Stoff