forgetters -- Fronted by Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil's Blake Schwarzenbach -- Coming to St. Louis



In the '90s, Blake Schwarzenbach earned a cult following with the influential, beloved punk band Jawbreaker. After the band split, he formed the mellower (but no less aggressive) Jets to Brazil. After that band dissipated, he disappeared from the music world for awhile and surfaced as a college-level English instructor. In 2008, Schwarzenbach formed the short-lived band the Thorns of Life -- which was followed a year ago by the formation of a group called forgetters, which features drummer Kevin Mahon (ex-Against Me!) and bassist Caroline Paquita. forgetters (no capital letter) is releasing a double 7" on September 21 -- which you can buy right here -- and. oh yeah: The trio will be in St. Louis on Friday, October 8, at Cicero's. Tickets are $8 and $10 and the show is 18-plus; tickets are available at The Blind Eyes is opening. Buy your tickets in advance for this one, kids. Here's what you can expect:

November 2009:

December 2009: