Gentleman Auction House Playing Free Show Tonight at Off Broadway



Gentleman Auction House is returning to the local stage with a free show tonight at Off Broadway. This gig and its appearance at LouFest likely will be the only chances fans have to see the band until its new album is done.

"This is more of a warm-up show to get our feet wet after a nine-month practice-free and show-free layoff, before we hit Loufest," says vocalist Eric Enger. "However, if we muck something up beyond recovery, we may just give it a proper restart. The goal is to have fun and have a pressure-free re-entry in to playing live."

Tonight, Enger says that people can expect to hear an EP song GAH has never played live before, old songs and yes, some new songs. There's no timetable yet for the release of a studio album, although he is hard at work on it.

"Right now, I'm getting back to working on the new record - [a process] delayed mostly by things people eventually write songs about, I guess," Enger says.

The Breaks are playing with GAH tonight. Enger says he and Breaks guitarist Sean Gartner were in a band together in college, "a 4-5-6-piece party-only band, really an improv-dance-classic-rock-yelling band, the Dinocologists."

The show tonight is 21-plus and starts at 9 p.m.