Danzig Discovers Henry & Glenn Forever, Inspires "The Final Blow"


The healing powers of a roast beef footlong... - IMAGE VIA
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  • The healing powers of a roast beef footlong...

You know Henry Rollins, and you know Glenn Danzig -- but last month, we introduced you to Henry & Glenn Forever, the comic book that placed the two cult music icons in a romantic roomie situation.

The back of the short book boasted a quote from Henry Rollins: "Has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would not be amused."

Well, he had to find out sooner or later. In a recent interview forDecibel magazine, Danzig was asked how he felt about the comic. He was "less than jazzed".

When Tom Neely, author of Forever, heard about Danzig's reaction, he decided to memorialize the moment in one last strip, appropriately titled "The Final Blow."

The strip is a testament to Danzig's insecurities and Tom Neely's apparent fearlessness. It retells the story of Danzig finding out about the comic book and its homoerotic implications, only Neely's version ends with Henry emerging from what appears to be a closet to comfort Glenn with a roast beef sandwich.

Neely sold prints of "The Final Blow" at the San Diego Comic Con last week.