The Black Crowes to Host Pre-Show Soundcheck Party at the Pageant



The Black Crowes will be stopping by the Pageant on Friday, August 27. The group's on tour supporting its forthcoming acoustic album, Croweology, due out August 3.

The Crowes are teaming up with Vintage Vinyl to bring fans a special pre-show party. Anyone who pre-orders Croweology from Vintage Vinyl on LP or CD will receive a pass to get into the soundcheck.

What differentiates this promotion from others like it is that a ticket to the show at the Pageant is not necessary for admission into the soundcheck. So, if you're on a budget (who isn't?) but still want to buy the new album and see the band ("have your cake and eat it, too"), you're in luck. You won't get a full set, but you'll get an intimate live experience with the band for as little as $14.99 (which is the CD price -- $28.99 for the LP).

For the big spenders, general Admission tickets are still available for the full show later that evening and are $49.50-- though reserved balcony tickets are sold out.