Good Vibes, Good People: Local Musicians Eric Hall and Joel Schad Have Each Other's Backs


GoMusicSTL, located in the Delmar Loop, is run by musicians. - GOMUSICSTL.COM
  • GoMusicSTL, located in the Delmar Loop, is run by musicians.

Last December we told you about an unfortunate mishap that led to local DJ Eric Hall losing his beloved musical gear, much of which was one of a kind. Except for two custom-made pedals from 4ms Pedals that came with a hefty price tag, he replaced nearly all of it, but he continued to scour the city's pawn and music shops as well as Craigslist posts and eBay in the hopes of spotting his lost equipment. Then, as he explained in an e-mail on Tuesday:

A little bit ago one of the 4MS guys called me to see why I was selling one of these custom pedals on ebay, (which I wasn't, of course) but we did trace it back to Go Music ( in The Loop. It seems that whomever got my pedalboard originally got rid of it some time later at St. Louis Jewelry and Loan on the North side. Then the board, with all of the pedals still attached, wound up being sold to the guys at Go Music and they were selling the pieces individually at their shop. Most of the devices had sold over the several months since then, but the two 4MS pedals that were custom made for me had not. I contacted the shop and, after verifying my story with a police report, now have these two back in my possession! Bare [sic] in mind that Go Music did not directly steal these items or buy them from a thief, but bought them some steps down the line and could have possibly contested, or at least complicated, my right to have them back, but they played it real cool and kindly got them to me, for which I am very grateful.

I just wanted to share the rather happy conclusion to this story; after some patience, good luck, and some kindness from a little neighborhood music store (run by active musicians, which I'm sure made a difference in this case) I have all of my lost items returned or replaced, and that feels pretty cool.

Joel Schad from GoMusicSTL had no qualms about returning Hall's pedals, saying, "I talked to Eric, [who] gigs out a ton. That was his livelihood, to some degree ... He was thrilled to have them back, [and] I'm glad he got them back."