Tef Poe Releases a Video for "Show Stealers," Performing at Gramophone With Rhymefest in July



Yesterday, Force member Tef Poe released his debut video for the song "Show Stealers." The tune's from his Money Never $leep$ EP, which you can download for free at irepstl.com. (You can also hear a kickass remix of the song below; that features Kyjuan of the St. Lunatics and Luey V.) The video below was produced by Tech Supreme and directed by Joseph Lombardi. In addition: Tef, Gotta Be Karim, Family Affair and Vandalyzm will be playing with Chicago hip-hop talentRhymefest at the Gramophone on Friday, July 16. (Rhymefest co-wrote "Jesus Walks" with Kanye West.)