Catch Bieber Fever in November -- Justin's Coming to St. Louis



Justin Bieber makes three-year-olds cry because they love him so much. Justin Bieber's hair is causing a commotion among teenage boys -- although this article warns not to call the style "the Bieber" and that they won't admit to modeling their 'dos after the pop star. Justin Bieber and Black Flag have something in common. Even Tina Fey has a thing for Justin Bieber. And now Justin Bieber is going to storm through St. Louis on his fall tour, with a November 8 date at the Scottrade Center. Tickets are on sale on June 12 at 10 a.m. What is the only thing that will cure your Bieber fever? Why, indie storytellers the Mountain Goats, that's who. (H/T to commenter Greg, below.)