MP3: Gotta Be Karim (Still) Rocks a Cardinals Hat on New Tune "Hello St. Louis"


Gotta Be Karim in a controversial fitted cap.
  • Gotta Be Karim in a controversial fitted cap.
The Mariners are my team. I grew up watching Ken Griffey Jr crash into walls at the Kingdome, I imitate Ichiro's batting stance at Tower Tee and, as much as it pains me to say it during the Cardinals' opening homestand, Seattle's Safeco Field is far and away my favorite place to watch a baseball game.

Last time I went home on vacation I wore a brand new Cardinals fitted cap that my girlfriend gave me as a Christmas present. This did not go over well. For my fellow lifelong M's fans it was an almost unforgivable act of sports bigamy. Like I'd abandoned my roots or something.

I only mention this because in an A to Z post a few weeks back about a new music video from St. Louis to Atlanta transplant Gotta Be Karim, I pointed out that the rapper "finally traded in his Cardinals lid for a Braves cap."

Apparently others noticed the change and Karim responded -- in classic hip-hop fashion -- with a few verses proclaiming his undying love for the Lou.
The beat is soulful and the lyrics are heartfelt but the action is in the spoken word part in the last minute or so.

Karim says: "You thinkin cause I don't got an STL fitted cap on in the video that I done forgot about St. Louis. I don't understand that concept at all. Like, I don't even trip over no fitted hat man, just cause a joint got an A on it instead of an STL on it...I don't want anybody to think I forgot about them."

Someone get that man a gift card for Headz n Threadz when he comes home.

Download the song below.

MP3: Gotta Be Karim, "Hello St. Louis"