New (Local) Music Thursday: Stream a new Jumbling Towers Song, Grab an Awesome Instrumental J Dilla Tribute Mix


After our post about Jumbling Towers' new video, "Gilberta," last week, the band dropped me a line about other goings-on in its world. First up: The release of The Kanetown City Rips, its long-awaited new album, on May 1 at the Firebird. Bassist Nate Drexler tells me that this show will feature plenty of new songs -- some found on Rips and other unheard tunes as well. Some of these tunes that fall into the latter category are slated for a new EP, which the band's having mixed in New York in May by Justin Gerrish (who mixed a little record called Contra by Vampire Weekend, among other things). A song I've heard has a decidedly whimsical, keyboard-driven background -- like Dracula partying on a tropical island.

In the meantime, the band was kind enough to let us stream a new song from Rips, "The Bombaree," below.

HMD Productions -- an up-and-coming collective based in St. Louis and Chicago -- is the party responsible for this awesome instrumental mix. D-Day: The Dilla Dedication Mixtape (try saying that five times fast) pays tribute to the late influential hip-hop producer J Dilla, and features production from HMD members JBJR, Zerobeat, LLJB3 and Epidemic Phaze, among others. Soul-jazz, scratches, ambient electro and ominous hip-hop collide for an enjoyable, laid-back listen. Download it by clicking right here. Check out the members' MySpace pages for much more music and news on projects with which they're involved.