Homespun: Last to Show First To Go, Short Cuts



In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviews Last to Show First to Go's album, Short Cuts. He had this to say:

On its first outing, Last to Show First to Go unloads a baker's dozen of kinder, gentler heartland rock & roll songs. Singer and guitarist Bredon Jones has a dreamy, languid way on the mic; he and his bandmates throw in some country signifiers from time to time, but thankfully Jones doesn't burden his voice with needless, hiccupping twang. Short Cuts' lyrics can sometimes be a jumble of fleeting images and sharp bon mots, but every now and then Jones spits out a keeper. On the opening cut, "Smile," a simple, unadorned chorus cuts to the quick: "Smile and straighten your back / Do like they tell you from the magazine rack."

Read the rest here, and snag an MP3 below.

MP3: Last to Show First to Go, "Smile"

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