Download: Rockwell Knuckles' New CD, Choose Your Own Adventure


You gotta love the trend of local rappers making "albums" instead of "mixtapes."

The words have basically become synonymous at this point but there are still a few important distinctions. Mixtapes, IMHO, are a way to showcase other artists in the clique and whet the fans' appetites for the full-length. Albums, on the other hand, are cohesive artistic statements with a dozen or so carefully selected tracks. You know, the kind of thing people might actually pay money for.

Earlier this week Tef Poe released a full-length LP and now Rockwell Knuckles debuts the third -- and arguably best -- recording of his career via The Smoking Section. Check it:
Download link, tracklisting and a few more words after the jump...
Click here to download.

Tracklist (with props to Trackstar the DJ for the mix):
Rockwell fans will find a few songs they've already familiar with -- his smokin' singles "Shooting Star" and "Government Name" -- and a few more he's been performing live lately ("No Sympathy" and "Center of Attention") but really there's a whole heap of unreleased material here.

I haven't listened to the whole thing yet so I'll reserve judgment until I've had time to give it a few spins. You should do the same. Oh, and peep Rockwell, Tef and the rest of The Force at SXSTL in Austin