Report: John Oates Shaved His Mustache Immediately Following St. Louis Appearance


Oates with 'stache last October in St. Louis. - PHOTO: CHAD GARRISON
  • Photo: Chad Garrison
  • Oates with 'stache last October in St. Louis.
Last October, legendary rock 'n soul singer John Oates was in St. Louis serving as honorary chair of the American Mustache Institute's "Stache Bash".

Oates regrew his famous lip hair for the event. The second half of Hall & Oates even received a proclamation from Mayor Francis Slay praising his mustache.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Oates is again mustache-less. In fact, he shaved immediately after leaving St. Louis last October 31.

"I grew the mustache back for that event," Oates tells the Journal, "and shaved it off right afterward."

For shame! But then, you know what they say, "Hair today, gone tomorrow!"

Incidentally, a 'stache-less Oates showed up in LA a few weeks ago to guest with the electropop duo Bird and the Bee, which will be releasing a (fantastic) album of Hall & Oates covers next week. Pic below courtesy of the LA Weekly.
  • Timothy Norris/LA Weekly