Observations: Titus Andronicus at Vintage Vinyl, Sunday, March 14



RFT freelancer Todd McKenzie posted a few Tumblr observations about the Vintage Vinyl in-store performance from the New Jersey working-man shoegaze band Titus Andronicus. To wit:

*Despite a barrage of three noisy guitars, the loudest and most aggressive part of the Titus Andronicus sound has to be Patrick Stickles' voice. *That the band was wedged back next to the "Easy Listening" LPs was a source of endless amusement to me. *Throughout the set, an old man and his sons were very intently flipping through the Chicago and Def Leppard LPs. He left with a copy of Pyromania. *The electric violin reminded me why there's so much overlap between TA fans and Pogues fans. *There were so many flannel shirts and hoodies in the audience that I thought Clinton was back in the White House.

Read the rest here. Titus also teamed up with Deer Tick for a "secret" show at the Wedge. A full report of that one is coming soon.