Hear the One About the Guy Who Dumped His Girlfriend Live on the Point?



[Update, March 4, 2010: Hear what happened after the break-up!]
[Update, March 2, 2010: An interview with Woody from the Point, about the call!]
Just before Valentine's Day, Woody and Rizzuto -- the morning show team at the Point (105.7 FM) took a call from a listener named Chris. He had been dating his girlfriend, Ashley, for five years and was going to propose on V-Day -- at least until he found out that she was allegedly cheating on him. Instead of dumping her on that day, however, he decided to do the deed live on the air. The suspense just grows and grows during the following twelve-minute segment -- leading to an absolutely jaw-dropping confrontation.


The clip is up to 400,000 plays and counting and has been downloaded 17,000 times.