Lend Will Johnson and Anders Parker Your House on April 21



Although his tour with Jason Molina was canceled earlier this year, Will Johnson of Centro-matic isn't planning on twiddling his thumbs at home this spring. He and Anders Parker are setting up an acoustic house tour in April that will hopefully stop in St. Louis on April 21 -- that is, if somebody can volunteer a space for the pair. Centro-matic's website has all of the details, although the most important one is this:

You have a house or loft space that can comfortably and safely host 35-40 people. A place with a big living room, finished basement or other indoor residential space would be ideal. There would need to be enough parking nearby and your neighbors should be cool. It would be a huge bummer if someone called the cops because of all the extra cars and people coming to your house. You probably should not do this if you live in a small apartment with a bunch of uptight neighbors or a cranky landlord.

Go read the rest of the rules -- and if you are still intrigued, email bob@undertowmusic.com and adam@undertowmusic.com.