Caption This: Rockabye Baby!, Lullaby Renditions of Journey



The Rockabye Baby!: Lullaby Renditions of... series is self-explanatory. Each release focuses on making tunes from one rock band palatable enough for the naptime set. Past volumes have featured Metallica, Tool, Beach Boys, Coldplay, the Pixies and the Beatles. However, the latest one to cross my desk is a collection of slowed-down, softened Journey tunes. "Don't Stop Believin'" features a croaking frog(!), while chimes, marimbas and twinkling percussion burnish "Who's Crying Now" and "Wheel in the Sky." And heck, "Lovin' Touchin', Squeezin'" is almost funky -- despite the molasses tempo, the percussion flourishes show some serious sass. The artwork for these releases is almost as cute -- see below. It's also our "Caption This!" honoree of the week.