Curt Smith of Tears for Fears is "Head Over Heels" for a Missouri Democrat


Curt Smith (left) in his younger days.
  • Curt Smith (left) in his younger days.

File under news of the weird: Jake Wagman of the Post-Dispatch reported yesterday that political upstart Tommy Sowers -- a Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Missouri's 8th Congressional District -- had a number of famous donors on his 4Q 2009 financial returns. Although Wagman notes that these included "a West Hollywood talent agent and Manhattan record executive," he pointed out that one Curt Smith -- he of Tears for Fears -- donated $500.

Incidentally -- right now, is offering a download of a free Smith single: "All Is Love," featuring Zoe Keating. And late last year, TFF's super-underrated album Raoul and the Kings of Spain was reissued with bonus tracks.