Who Are Freddie T. and the People? Ian MacKaye Probably Knows.



At the Gramophone on Saturday night, the fine Chicago soul act JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound will be performing. Opening for it will be a band called Freddie T. and the People. "Who's that?" you're probably asking yourself. Well, turns out that it's the new project of Fred Erskine, who's played bass in the Dischord bands such as Hoover and Crownhate Ruin, as well as the influential post-rock act June of 44. As might be expected from this background, Erskine's new band resembles !!! -- at least, the era of !!! when it was a skronking no-wave dance act -- while incorporating quite a bit of gritty, bulldog soul. The show starts at 9 p.m., and it's just $5 to get in.