Ozomatli + The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra = Mark Your Calendars



Music fans, start getting excited about this now. Seriously: LA genre-smashers Ozomatli will be performing with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra on Friday, May 14, at Powell Hall. This is an SLSO Presents concert, which the symphony describes as, "a series of popularly oriented concerts, began in the 2008-09 Season as part of the audience development initiatives of the Building Our Business plan." Ozomatli has been blending hip-hop, Latin and rock sounds together since 1995. Last year, ex-RFT staffer Randy Roberts traveled with the band to Myanmar and wrote about it; read the entire fascinating story here.

[Update: Tickets are now on sale for this! Says the SLSO: "Tickets can be purchased in person at the Powell Hall Box Office (718 N. Grand Blvd.), by calling (314) 534-1700, or online at www.slso.org."]