Homespun: Steve Ewing, Zodiac



In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviews Steve Ewing's album, Zodiac. He had this to say:

Like duct tape or Bisquick, the covers album can have many uses. They can serve as a tribute to musical heroes, a calling card of stylistic influences or a fun, lightweight celebration of treasured songs. Steve Ewing's Zodiac, featuring versions of rock, new-wave, punk and ska songs mostly from the '70s and '80s, is all of these things. The track selection emphasizes the steel-eyed ska sound he honed with the Urge. Ewing favors songs with a strong, punctuated backbeat, as demonstrated by faithful versions of the Police's plucky, syncopated, pop-reggae tune "Driven To Tears" and Elvis Costello's switchblade dub gem "Watching the Detectives."

Read the rest here. Snag an MP3 below.

MP3: Steve Ewing, "Baby, You're a Rich Man"