SLSO Having a Good Year So Far, Performing Works By John Cage and Steve Reich in March


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Received a press release from the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra yesterday, trumpeting some good news about revenue and ticket sales as it passes the middle of its season. As compared to the same time last year:

Classical revenues are up 6.5% ($3.41m vs. $3.2m) Classical tickets are up 6.8% (82,773 vs. 77,533)
Total ticket revenues including SLSO Presents are up 19.6% ($5.19m vs. $4.34m) Total tickets are up 13.6% (145,790 vs. 128,362)

The per-concert average attendance for all concerts to date is up 9.4% Ten concerts to date were between 90% capacity and sold-out

SLSO concerts coming up in the next few months include "Bugs Bunny on Broadway," which will involve the orchestra playing cartoon scores as the clips are shown on a movie screen (February 20-21) and a performance of Holst's Planets (March 5 and 6). Fans of experimental music should also take note of the orchestra's March 10 Pulitzer Concert, which will feature performances of Steve Reich's Violin Phase (1967), John Cage's Litany for the Whale (1980) and Ingram Marshall's Fog Tropes (1981).