The Westboro Baptist Church Does Lady Gaga Karaoke: "Yeah, You Just Got Your Whorish Face"



On New Year's Eve, Megan Phelps, the granddaughter of Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred Phelps, posted her own version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." The WBC, as you'll recall, will be protesting Gaga's sold-out January 7 show at the Fabulous Fox. (A counter-protest is also planned; more details here.) Phelps' version of the song sounds like "Poker Face" karaoke, although the original chorus ("Can't read my, Can't read my/No, he can't read my poker face/(She's got to love nobody)") has been modified:

You ain't got, you ain't got No you ain't got no poker face (You show your filth to everybody) You just got, you just got Yeah, you just got your whorish face (Show your filth to everybody)

Listen to it here and stream it below.