Slideshow: Top 50 Concert Photos of 2009



On Monday, we'll be counting down the top ten concerts of the year in St. Louis. (Thoughts? Add 'em below! Still compiling...) In the meantime, web editor Nick Lucchesi spent hours combing through slideshows and reviews and cherrypicked 50 of 2009's best concert photos. Whew. I had forgotten about many of these shows! Did you? Check out the entire slideshow here, and a few choice snaps below.

Huey Lewis, looking good at Tony LaRussa's annual Stars to the Rescue benefit on Sunday, January 19. Photo by Todd Owyoung. More photos!

On August 1, Lupe Fiasco performed as part of the Live on the Levee series of concerts. Photo by Steve Truesdell. More more more.

Morrissey also looked good at his April Pageant show. Photo by Todd Owyoung. Still more!

The Boss. Photo by Mark Gilliland. Lots more.