MP3 + Show Flyer: Tilts Plays Its First Show Tonight



Tonight, Tilts -- the band fronted by Andrew Elstner of Riddle of Steel and featuring ex-Shame Club members Ken McCray and Andy White -- is playing its first show at the Firebird. Caporetto and Engine Orchestra are also on the bill. The band's MySpace describes its sound like this:

The Immigrant Song meets Dukes of Hazard while listening to Brown Sugar in the General Lee somewhere in the year 1984. So sexy.

Judging by the below MP3s, Tilts loves Van Halen ("It Helps") and Queens of the Stone Age-caliber stoner sludge ("Give Me Some Of Your Loving.") The latter song is particularly ferocious.

MP3: Tilts, "It Helps"

MP3: Tilts, "Give Me Some of Your Loving"