Sponge Playing a New Year's Eve Show at Fubar



The varied reactions to the news that Detroit rockers Sponge are playing a New Year's Eve show at Fubar have surprised me -- on Twitter, they've ranged from, "Hell yes!" to "What year is it again?" to "'Plowed' is such a great song!" Who knew the band would still hit a nerve?

Growing up in Cleveland, the band naturally was quite popular due to its proximity to the D, so songs such as "Wax Ecstatic" (below) were huge hits. However, Sponge hasn't stopped recording or touring since its '90s heyday: A 7" featuring a cover of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" exists; the song is also on a hits and b-sides album available here. All details for the Fubar show are TBA for now.

"Wax Ecstatic," live in March 2008