The Beat Does Not Go On: 100.3 Done With Hip-Hop


Big news brewing on the local airwaves: The Clear Channel-owned hip-hop/R&B station KATZ 100.3 The Beat has fired all of its on-air talent and changed formats, as of 12 p.m. today.

As the station's already re-designed website indicates, they will now play seasonal music. It's currently "stunting" (in industry parlance) as "Halloween 100.3 Scary Music for St. Louis."

See for yourself:


Expect non-stop Christmas music (perhaps the only thing more obnoxious than Soulja Boy) after this weekend.

Our sympathies go out to some of the better hip-hop DJ's in the area who are now unemployed, including DJ AJ (just named the RFT's best hip-hop DJ of 2009), Dwight Stone and KiKi the First Lady.

The move leaves Hot 104.1 as the only top 40 hip-hop station in the area.

For a little history of KATZ, check out the Wikipedia page, which has also already been edited to reflect today's big change.

More details when we can get them.