Homespun: Pretty Little Empire, Sweet Sweet Hands



In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviews Pretty Little Empire's Sweet Sweet Hands. He had this to say:

Pretty Little Empire trades in sweet acoustic melancholy, a kind of slow-drip dream-folk that skirts the edges of twang and pop. Singer and guitarist Justin Johnson leads the quartet with a tremulous voice that has both a lonesome quaver and an inviting timbre. His singing style is eerily reminiscent of the Rosebuds' Ivan Howard, and both singers use the magnetic force of their voices to draw the listener into sometimes righteous, sometimes heavy-hearted songs. Theodore's Andy Lasher contributes lyrical, intersecting trumpet lines to standout "Good Morning Early Riser" and uses his bowed saw to add Theremin-like ambience elsewhere on the disc. And like Theodore, Pretty Little Empire loves the sound of dusty, creaking spaces, but chooses to leave them barren and let the echoes resolve unadorned.

Read the rest here. Pretty Little Empire's CD release show is this Monday night at the Firebird. The Sham and Blood Pony are also on the bill.

MP3: Pretty Little Empire, "Good Morning Early Riser"