In the Studio: Thom Donovan



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Thom Donovan. Still more photos from last Thursday's show! - EGAN O'KEEFE

Who: Thom Donovan Where: His home studio, and the studio of Urge drummer John Pessoni With Whom: He and his crack band (see below) Sounds Like: Demos posted on Donovan's website reveal a mature, more realized verson of what Donovan is known for: dreamy, emotional pop music with hints of shoegaze, psych-pop and Britrock.

MP3: Thom Donovan, "Leave the Light On"

Although Donovan's former band, Lapush, dissolved, he's assembled another group of talented musicians around him: bassist Kevin Bachmann (Lapush), guitarist Andy Dwiggins (Greenwheel) and drummer John Pessoni (the Urge).

Never one to sit on his laurels, Donovan just released an EP, Leave the Light On -- which he calls "just a collection of home demos" -- and is in the process of making another record.

"We started recording an album back in May," he says. "We've been tracking drums at John's studio and then taking the files back to my studio for everything else. I wrote 30 songs going in then cut that list down to 17 to work up with the band. Out of those 17 we cut it back to 12."

"We have 9 songs totally recorded with just 3 more to track. [We] hope to have all the tracking done by October, [and] then we'll mix."

Catch him 10 p.m. on Thursday night (September 24) as part of the free Halo Bar Confessional Series, a newish showcase where (as they put it) patrons can "hear the stories behind the songs, life and career of a local St. Louis musician. From dive bars to arenas. From local shows to world tours with Robert Plant."

Incidentally, Donovan's also licensed Light songs to MTV (The Hills, College Life, 16 and Pregnant, Downtown Girls).