Tonight and Tomorrow! An Under Cover Weekend at the Firebird


Yes, it's that time of year again when Mike Tomko coerces local bands into becoming their idols for a night of cover-act debauchery! The fun goes down tonight and tomorrow night at the Firebird.  Tonight's roster includes Science Hill (311), Via Dove (Rolling Stones), Left Arm (Ramones), The Orbz (Pixies) and Echo Bravo (Nirvana), while Saturday's slate of bands includes the Monads (Andrew WK), Fattback (Talking Heads), John Henry & The Engine (CCR), The Dive Poets (John Mellencamp) and The Sham (Tears for Fears). Will this work? Christian Schaeffer posits here. Here's Fattback doing its version of Huey Lewis' "Hip To Be Square," taken from New Year's Eve 2008.