Finn's Motel and Firecracker Press Ready for Prime-Time TV


Received a cool note from Joe Thebeau of Finn's Motel via Facebook a little bit ago. Seems that due to the kindness of one Heather Crist, a live show poster of FM -- printed by our very own Firecracker Press -- is part of the permanent set for the Fox series Lie to Me. Says Thebeau:

Our live show poster, created and produced by Firecracker Press, has been added to the permanent set for Season 2. Specifically, the poster is in Dr. Cal Lightman's (Tim Roth) daughter's bedroom. Word has it that this part of the set should appear sometime around episode 3, but, we'll be watching all of Season 2 to try and catch a glimpse.

Thebeau is requesting that anybody who catches a shot of the poster -- which I believe is this one -- post it to the Finn's Motel facebook page. Or hell, email it to me and I'll pass it along too.